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How plugHR works?

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Why plugHR?

What's Awesome about any venture? People ofcourse, what else is there in a venture .

But Awesome people want to work at Awesome ventures, average Businesses manage with leftovers. Average Businesses set up HR departments, which in turn write pages and pages of Policies, Manuals, Rules, SOPs. When did you see someone getting motivated by a Policy Manual?

plugHR is the alternative way of building ventures, where HR is the co-creators of enterprise, builds robust people plan, rallies people around purpose and creates workplace that is fun to be at, one that attracts finest minds, one that you had set out to create. It's not Performance management forms but the Entrepreneurial passion that builds Awesome Ventures. This game is beyond HR,thats why you need plugHR.


7 Signs that you need plugHR

You are 30 plus
in manpower and you haven't got an HR department yet
You're stuck
with internal issues when your clients want more of you, your competitors are having field day
No HR stays
even if you get lucky in hiring. Either you don't fit or they don't fit
Your people decisions rock
the boat ofcourse. When you get tough, heads roll... to other companies
Your new hires are lost
Induction, Role clarity, KRAs all need attention and you are wondering how, Consulting aint helping
You have aggressive plans
you need people - Trained and Motivated at that
You hire by gut
And then fire a lot. Those who stay remains scared, whole thing is not fun no more

Will your Design eat Your Plan hollow?

Your Business plan points North and your Organization Design is running Southwards, is it? Why am I not surprised? We discovered this grave catastrophe at five companies where we launched our "Business Performance Management" product phase one. And we wondered, how in the World were they expecting performance, actually the better question is who were they expecting performance from?
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We made news... of right kind


plugHR creates winners & How

plugHR creates your HR plan using BHRAF framework, gets you handpicked HR team onsite, sets right key HR processes guided by pH8 Model and Automates all of HR

Using plugHR Rhythms, Reports & Reviews, onsite team executes Quarterly Goals monitored by plugHR Operations Head. Entire people management gets managed by plugHR end to end. Once standard practices get set, more ambitious projects start gaining ground. Hiring, Onboarding, Goal Management, Training, Engagement, Policy all fall in place. What more, you won't hesitate to talk about your dream initiatives knowing that plugHR can turn them to reality.

Then you rock!

You can keep running on plugHR forever or you can turn it all in whenever you want. You can buy the problem back anytime you see!

It's a subscription service, you can enhance, lighten or even cancel anytime, no locks.

Go Ahead, invite us for a discussion, its as good as it gets.